"Making Meaningful Differences" 978-263-1427

At TACT, we see further.

From diagnosis, to daily life, and from dream reaching to beyond; our team is dedicated--to you and your child--every step of the way.

TACT's mission is to make meaningful differences for all clients of all backgrounds across all facets of independence and relationship building.

The values that define us are used to measure the success of our clinical model:

  • Effective: We meet our mission
  • Accountable: We deliver on all of our commitments
  • High-Quality: We are a cut-above in everything that we do

In other words: see change or we change.

Our work is analysis-driven with reflection and assessment of progress conducted frequently. The effectiveness of individualized client treatment plans are monitored to ensure that results are achieved and maintained.

TACT delivers superior services by offering a super-charged staff, exceptional commitment to quality, and a whole lot of compassion. TACT dedicates itself to the consistent delivery of high-quality services.

These commitments keep us accountable to our clients, families, employees, and community.

Together, let’s make meaningful differences. 








Making Meaningful Differences