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Understanding ABA

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy is an evidence-based approach to solving behavior problems of social importance. ABA therapy has been shown to improve the lives of thousands of individuals. 

Many agencies, including the United States Surgeon General, support ABA therapy. It is proven to help individuals with autism live happy and productive lives.

We encourage you to visit the following websites to gain more information about ABA: ASAT - Association for Science in Autism Treatment and Autism Speaks


How can I get my child enrolled? 

We understand that considering ABA therapy is a potentially difficult but important decision. That is why the first step we take is to spend time getting to know our clients. This starts with an initial phone consultation. The goal of the initial consultation is to describe our therapy in as much detail as possible and to answer any questions you may have. 

The second step of enrolling into our program involves completion of an application, which can be received by contacting us directly via the phone number indicated at the bottom of the web page. Our application consists of many questions that help us prioritize the most effective approach to providing therapy. Many of our clients contact us for specific concerns, such as sleep disturbances, whereas some of our clients contact us because they are looking for more comprehensive, skill-based ABA therapy for their child. Our application helps us to identify the appropriate level of therapy. 

The third step of enrolling into our program involves a 1:1 meeting with one of the BCBAs in our program to personally review the application. The BCBA will also meet with you directly to discuss your child's needs and to propose potential treatment options. It is at this point that the BCBA will aid you in making a decision to enroll your child into the program. 

If you choose to enroll your child into the program the BCBA will begin the initial assessment process, wherein they identify your child's strengths and weaknesses, and get to know your child. It is at this stage that the team also begins to develop an intervention specifically designed to help your child be successful.