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Our Services

A therapist sits at a blue table with a young boy in a red shirt at The Autism Community Therapists, LLC in Acton, MA
1:1 ABA Services

We provide direct, 1:1 ABA services in our clinics and homes across the state of Massachusetts. Individualized programming is developed for each client after an initial assessment and progress towards treatment goals is monitored on a regular basis. Behavior technicians, supervised by licensed board-certified behavior analysts (BCBAs), teach clients to communicate their wants and needs, follow complex directions, engage with a greater variety of leisure activities, and develop life skills that will foster independence across the lifespan.

A group of children playing with therapists under a rainbow blanket at The Autism Community Therapists, LLC in Acton, MA
Social Skills Programming

Many TACT clients benefit from specific social skills programming to develop the skills necessary to build and maintain relationships. TACT provides social skills programming in small group settings during which clients learn and practice new social skills with peers of similar ages and abilities. Social skills groups are fun, engaging, and a great way for clients to make new friends and learn important skills at the same time!

The therapists and adminstrative team consulting together at a meeting in The Autism Community Therapists, LLC in Acton, MA
School and Community Consultation

TACT provides behavior analytic consultation to public school districts and human service agencies throughout the state. The mission of the school and community consultation department is to provide effective clinical consultation and staff training to education and clinical teams to help them deliver high quality, evidence-based services to students with autism and other disabilities. We support practitioners in the assessment and treatment of problem behavior, the development and monitoring of skill acquisition programs, and the improvement of instructional design to improve classroom management and teaching efficacy.

Students kneeling on a mat while a therapist claps his hands at The Autism Community Therapists, LLC in Acton, MA
Parent Education

Behavior analysts at TACT provide regular, hands-on parent education programming to ensure the effects of our interventions transfer to caregivers. TACT BCBAs. Parent education is delivered in several ways: role-playing scenarios with the BCBA, practicing teaching strategies with your child and the BCBA, and small group instruction on the basics of ABA. 

A therapist adjusts an interactive wall toy with the help of some students at The Autism Community Therapists, LLC in Acton, MA
Functional Behavior Assessment and Treatment Analysis

Some children and adults with autism engage in challenging behavior (e.g., aggression, self-injury, property destruction) that interferes with their ability to learn functional skills or socialize with their family and peers. TACT BCBAs conduct functional behavior assessments, including functional analyses, to better understand the variables influencing challenging behavior. Then, a function-based intervention is designed and implemented with the goal of reducing rates of challenging behavior and teaching replacement adaptive skills. 

A therapist supervises a group of childten playing with construciton paper on a small green table at The Autism Community Therapists, LLC in Acton, MA
Early Intervention

Early Intervention through behavior analytic therapy is widely regarded as the most effective intervention for autism. When children are in enrolled in our early intervention programs, they effectively learn to learn through play. Although our clinicians are progress obsessed, we recognize that the one of the most important indicators of clinical effectiveness is more than just data. Each and every child in our program will feel happy, safe, and excited to participate in therapy. Progress and truly meaningful experiences go hand in hand as we prepare our young children for school settings, and beyond. 

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